Friday, January 23, 2009

Blogger vs. Facebook

As the title of my post offers for the inquisitive peruser of my ramblings, this post is about why I prefer Blogger over Facebook. For the parties interested, then, allow me to begin.

My younger sister has a Facebook profile, and she graciously allowed me to try Facebook with her profile to see what I thought of it because apparently one cannot enjoy Facebook until one is confirmed as a friend, and until they have these friends, they are obliged to do nothing. Needless to say, I have been interested in creating my own identity on Facebook, so I readily accepted her generous offer, and since she and I possess many of the same friends and acquaintances, with us mutually having more of the latter than the former, I decided to learn what I might about what my acquaintances were doing. I saw several of the people I knew, and I was able to see whatever short instant messages they sent to each other, but I began to feel that this was rather foolish. When I can post to my blog, I try to say things that are worthwhile to read, and, readers, you may inform me of it if I fail to do this in each of my posts, but many of the remarks I read were things that were without any consequence or of little importance. Therefore, I much prefer Blogger with its format of longer posts over Facebook's.

Second, I like the way one may customize their blog page with many sorts of media and lists of blogs that one follows regularly. Facebook's pages, when one is acclamated to the features of Blogger, seem very dull indeed. Although I would not mind having a Facebook profile since people I know would probably not wish to visit my blog, I like the format of Blogger much better; it encourages users to make pages their own and to create posts of variable lengths.

Of course, there is the remote possibilty that I cannot deny exists that I did not fully explore Facebook with all of its usages. Still, for now at least, I am one blogger who is going to maintain my views on the subject. Do not be dismayed, however, that I am one to close my mind to new ideas, for I think that I shall explore it further, but I do not think that I shall subject myself to Facebook quite yet.


ed said...

Hear! Hear! I'm completely with you on this. I've often thought the opportunity to be brief might curtail our propensity to be more thoughtful, and focus our attention on that which requires little thought.

I'm also against the exclusivity of 'facebook' and prefer the 'open platform' of blogger amongst others. I do however appreciate facebook as an offline msn messenger service. But, given all factors, i'm staying clear of facebook.

Good one.


citago (-_@) said...

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Bashandy said...

Blogging can be thought of as a form of journalism, where an article writing (or any form of writing) requires attention and care. So i see it more to the contemplative side of life.

Facebook is more to the fun side of life where you socialize, chit chat occasionally gossip, get friends news, watch their photos, microblogs (aka status)

In terms of time both seem to be time-consuming, however, with facebook perhaps you may want to visit your account more frequent to respond to people's responses answer facebook or respond to applications' request.

Anonymous said...

Facebook can be like a blog, but it takes more steps to do it.

The way I see it is this...

Blog = open, or with settings, can be private

Facebook is only open to those who are your friends and friends of friends, at first. With settings, you can make everything you do very public without having the friends, but no one can comment, or you can make it very private, so not even your friends can see certain posts.

With blogs, you can what you write almost as long as you want.

Facebook... the first initial post has a small limited character limit, but replying to your own post, you can continue to write a bigger piece, but again, you're faced with character limits; there is no limit, however, to how much you can reply to a post.

You can create groups with Facebook, which many companies do... it's a little less strict. You can become a fan of those groups, which you can dictate if you want those to show up on your Facebook info page or not.

All in all, Facebook can become a blogger of sorts, you just have to go through many more steps to achieve that than you would with a blogger and it wont look as nice as a blog either.

Wayne Meyer said...

I can totally agree with you. Why on earth would we want to make facebook benefit from our traffic. They advertise on
"my wall" what on earth are people thinking. If we all had a blog and one advert we could make our own self generated
Money. Why give facebook all that? As you said blogger is really your own. Facebook is as rigid as a granny on a horse back. Blogger is a self expressed page of your own. It's great for social and marketing. Facebook is a serious sheep game that needs to be sorted out by a wolf.

Wayne Meyer said...

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Emilie said...

I think you're right about everything. Better to stay clear of FB before it ruin you with all that superficial stuff. Of course it has other uses, but I don't like it.