Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Other Activities

I thought I might show my readers some of my other hobbies outside of opera for once. One of these is watching reruns of the hit television series Walker, Texas Ranger on the Hallmark Channel. Right now they are showing all of the ones with Trent and Carlos (for those of you who follow or know the series; for those of you who do not, please visit the Wikipedia page if you are interested.) I cannot wait for the ones with Gage and Sydney, the ones from seasons eight and nine, I believe.

Walker, Texas Ranger was a hit TV show on CBS for nine years (1993-2002 with a reunion movie in 2005 called Walker, Texas Ranger: Trial By Fire that sadly did not include Sydney or Trivette, but it did add some new characters, and Gage was also in it.). When it left the air, it was the number one show on television, or at least on CBS. It starred legendary martial artist Chuck Norris (tenth degree black belt karate, eighth degree black belt grand master tae kwon do, the first person on the western hemisphere to be given that rank reportedly, black belt Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and brown belt judo), Clarence Gilyard, Jr. as his partner, James Trivette, Sheree J. Wilson as the D.A. and later his wife, Judson Mills as Ranger Francis Gage (a second degree black belt in tae kwon do in real life, which some say helped him get the part) and Nia Peeples as Gage's partner Sydney Cooke. In the later seasons, the show becomes more family-friendly with less swearing and adult themes, and way more action. Here are a couple of clips that will make you sit on the edge of your seat.

Well, I hope you enjoy these, and I promise you, my readers will get much more opera than they bargained for in my next post because I just got my February issue of Opera News.


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Rae-Mae said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful comment you left on my blog!! If you didn't know, I attent high school, and I understand the whole "never have opportunities". I live in North Dakota, USA, and have never seen an opera before (I've seen plays and operettas). I try very hard to audition for any honor choir that I can and for any other chance I can to sing. Hopefully when I get in to college I will be able to develop my voice much more. I take lessons, and they're a great help with developing a good technique, I recommend finding a teacher!

Once again, thank you for the kind comment :)