Sunday, February 1, 2009

What Are Some Recordings To Buy?

My dear readers, I intend to purchase some opera, or else clasically vocal, recordings very soon. I shall probably buy from since they offer purveyors of their merchandise the option of buying particular items used at a reduced price. Although I have an idea about what recordings to buy, I would like some advice from my readers as to what they think I could use to enhance my collection. I have a good amount of albums of opera and related material, but I am forever looking to add to my library. I would like to at least get one full-length opera recording, so feel free to give me recommendations as to recital discs and complete works. When I make my final decision, I will devote a post to the subject giving reasons for the choices I make.

I am looking forward to quite an amount of advice on this. Thank you all for reading.



Rae-Mae said...

Well, my fellow blogger, I can give you much advice about this! So, for recordings, I say buy any and all Renee Fleming CD's you can!! Any of them would be perfect, but if you want to know more about each CD specifically, you can contact me any time. As for another artist, I highly recommend Diana Damrau's "Arie di Bravura", it totally blew me away. As for an opera, Thais is simply amazing, as well as Manon, Eugene Onegin, Rusalka, Otello, Le Nozze di Figaro, La Traviata, and Arabella. Any one of those should be available on DVD or CD on Amazon. If you want more, feel free to contact me :)

SarahB said...

Before you buy any, see if your library has any. If they don't, see if they will obtain some from via intralibrary loan system. Also recommended to help you decide first is

chelsea said...

Susan Graham's "C'est ça la vie, c'est ça l'amour" is pure joy. I just listened to Offenbach's "Contes de Hoffman" w/ Domingo and Gruberova which I thought was really good. I got both of those at my library, so follow Sarah's advice before you purchase any.

Tyler said...

Dear Ladies,

I am thrilled that the three of you would guide me in this time of indecision, and I think we four may certainly agree that, with the wealth of recordings available to us, selecting recordings to procure is a daunting task for any of us. I have read all of your comments, so I feel that I am better educated about what decisions to make.

SarahB will be pleased to know that I regularly borrow recordings from my library system. They are rather conservative with their operatic offerings, so I have had the pleasure of hearing many performances by Sutherland and Pavarotti. Nevertheless, they carry all three neoclassic TDK releases of Renee Fleming's DVD releases for that label, and I have watched "Manon" and "Capriccio," and I cannot wait to see "Rusalka" as soon as I have adequate time to delve into it.

It will be a little while yet before I make my additions to my personal collection of music affording me plenty of time to change my mind, find a new recording, or talk myself into paying a price I might think to be rather steep on a normal day, but I shall devote a post to the recordings when I make my order.

Once again, thank you all for your kindly offered wisdom.