Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Being A Tenor

There are many things one does not realize when they first decide they want to become an opera singer. One of these is that you cannot ever sing anywhere whenever you want to do so, for someone, particularly someone in your family, will tell you that you are annoying them. This would probably be an indication to anyone else that God had other plans for them, but not me. I simply cannot take a hint.

Here is a typical situation at home, where I do most of my operatic singing. The setting is in my room (Did you get that? MY room, which I share with my little brother who is 15, and I am in there first when all of this happens.), and I will burst into the opening phrases of Che gelida manina (Who could hear that and not simply love it? I do not think I sing that badly.). He or someone else instantly responds by telling me to stop without any other explanation than that I am annoying someone. To escape the confines of my house, I must go outside, but if I practice there, my mother claims that I am trying to draw attention to myself. This is definitely untrue; in fact everyone who knows me will immediately say that I am quite modest in all things. I cannot win for losing.

I am given some leniency at theatre since they are used to people singing at the top of their lungs, not that I participate in this questionable practice, but still my genre of singing is considered extreme. I need to enter a studio program at an opera company. Really. It would be nice to go somewhere close to home, but when there is no opera company around for 100 miles, I shall have to wait. Pray for me all!

Thank you all for reading, and may God continue to bless you.

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