Monday, April 6, 2009

What I Am Actually Doing Over The Summer...

I told my gracious readers in a previous post what I desired to do over the summer months; I have decided to follow that post with this one to compare my fancies with reality.

It turns out that I shall be a part of a theatrical production this summer with my local community theatre company with whom I like to perform. Even though I did not audition, because I am amicably acquainted with the director of the production, I have been added to the cast of Fiddler On The Roof. The originally assembled cast had a deficiency of men in the cast, and I think that this fact helped me to be lately cast. I am extremely thankful for this blessing to me from God. I first watched the movie version today, and I am excited for rehearsals to begin in June.

After speaking with my friend Jay and another acquaintance who shall currently remain anonymous, I have determined that it would be in my best interest to take the ACT test. My new "counselors" seem to believe that I could easily receive a mark high enough to attend any university of my choice in Oklahoma; all of this advice is based on information and evidence that I have given them, but I remain unconvinced, though I trust in them enough to prepare for the opportunity it would provide me. Before I apply to take the ACT, I definitely must revisit the subject of mathematics and give it new concentration. I pray that God's providence will help me in this.

Insofar as I know, I am to continue working at Poteet for an indefinite period of time to be determined by my employer, or else when he becomes bereft of tasks to assign to me, whichever comes first. I enjoy the work that I do, and there are many who cannot say as much; indeed, there are many who possess no means of support at all, and some are better men than I. May God deliver them into better circumstances in His good time.

As I have done these past four years or so, I shall continue to maintain the lawns of my customers who cannot do so themselves. This excercise for the body also proves to be excercise for the mind on various occasions, and this pays me far greater dividends than the former. I perform this task out of the pleasure it brings me to help the elderly at a nominal price. The real reward for me is oftentimes the conversation I hold with them at other times outside of our regular discourse.

As I promised in another post, I took pictures to show you a grand view of Oklahoma City available to few, but I regret that I cannot yet upload them here. I promise that they shall make the next one, and I hope you like them.

Thank you all for reading, and I hope you all are as excited about what the summer holds for them as I am for what it brings to me!

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