Friday, May 15, 2009

If I Were Less Occuppied...

...I would be blogging with greater frequency than I have been allowed of late. Because of my employment with my local theatre company, where I have been working almost every day of the past two weeks for usually twelve hours or more all of those days, I have been unable to do any posting about opera; as a matter of fact, I have not been afforded the opportunity to learn much about opera's happenings in the current month, either, for the simple reason that I have not had the time. If you wish, add to all of this that my family's computer is definitely crashing, so I have been hastily attempting to transfer all of my cherished downloaded opera recordings onto CD-R's, but this is taking more of my time that I do not possess to spare.

In other news about my life, I, from every other person who was eligible to accomplish this, have been asked my by theatre's Executive Director, whom you may remember is a good friend of mine, to pen a history of our theatre. He also wants me to be a contributor of written material for the theatre's newsletter. While these are both incredible honors for me, I cannot help but to think that there were better candidates he might have chosen than me. Nevertheless, I am enthusiastic about the possibilities that could arise from this notoriety that shall befall me.

It may further interest my readers to know that I am seriously considering taking voice lessons this summer. The cost of them, while it is no small amount for my means, is, I have been assured, very reasonable and competitively priced. I think this may help me to be cast in better roles in productions by theatres, and I may learn some things to help me sing better.

I shall terminate this post by saying that Poteet Theatre's submission to community theatre association competitions, John & Jen, won first place production in the state and in the region, and this summer they are taking the production to the national competition in Tacoma, Washington, and if they win, they will compete in the international competition in Monaco (Yes, that is right, the one in Europe on the French Riviera which is possibly most famous for Princess Grace. Pray hard that they win!


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