Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Other Music Genres And A Wonderful Surprise From The Met

In reverse logical order, bear me the pardon to address the final subject of my title in the first portion of my post. My readers may recall to their immediate memories that a friend of mine, Jay, went to New York for vacation recently. He sent me a postcard featuring a view of New York harbor with the skyline of Manhattan in the background with a delightful communique on the back of it, but his thinking of me was not limited to that alone; while he was there visiting friends, seeing Broadway shows, and almost relaxing, he made a journey to the Met at Lincoln Center, and he visited their gift shop to buy me some souvenir of his sojourn in that famous metropolis. When I saw him a day after his return home, he presented me with, first, the Met's season book for this season, which absolutely made my day, and, moreover, to add considerably to his personal expense while there, he also bought me the Met's Celebrating 125 Years CD. It has glorious music on it. I have had the immense pleasure of hearing luminary artists from the Met's broadcast history who set the standards for their respective roles. I was so happy that Jay thought of me in such a way, and, of course, I thanked him for his generosity in reciprocal fashion.

As to the other subject of my post, I have been perusing other music genres of late, and I have realized that I have a great liking for early music, especially that which dates from the Medieval and Renaissance periods. If one visits the Alia Vox website, one will hear exceptional music from the latter epoch. Jordi Savall, founder of that label and a gifted strings player, has just released a new Celtic themed album, a preview of which may be heard on BBC Music Magazine's website. It definitely does sound Celtic unlike some of the modern music that claims to be so. Another genre that I have been enjoying is typical New Age piano music. Some of the harmonies, while oftentimes simple, are completely beautiful, and they are excellent at invoking a particular mood. Two selections I would suggest for one to hear are Enya's Drifting and Portrait. They will immediately calm you and make you feel better in generally any situation.

That is all for the present. I hope you are enjoying reading my posts.


SarahB said...

Alright Tyler, now you have cool NYC souvenirs, but when are you going to experience it for yourself? Chelsea and I were just talking about you. Isn't it time for you to get out of the wind that's whippin' down the plains?!

chelsea said...

Sarah is right, Tyler. It's time that you turn your secret wish of seeing Renee (in Armida) into a known reality. I was 20 when I took a cross country road trip w/ a friend. If not now, then when? And as much as I wish she were ageless, Renee isn't getting any younger. Family Circle seats run around $20 and if you're on the ball w/ booking travel you can get a fairly good deal. Now that you are working, just put some money aside here and there. Make it happen. Otherwise you'll just be wishing and dreaming while the opportunities pass you by until the opportunities are no more (for Renee at least).