Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Coming Season Brings Great Joy To My Ears (And Hopefully My Eyes)

I have been browsing the Internet of late examining whether or not the upcoming classical music season was to be a memorable one for me, and it turns out that there is plenty to adore, even if you live in Oklahoma, over next season. Some events to whet your curiosity are:

  1. Anonymous 4 is coming to Tulsa! They are presenting their program entitled A Medieval Ladymass on May 11, 2010, and it is needless to say that I am excited! I desperately wish to see the quartet perform live. If you have not acquainted yourself with their angelic melodies, then you simply must click here without a moment's delay. Their recital derives its material from their CD's entitled An English Ladymass and A Lammas Ladymass. They are scheduled to appear March 11, 2010, and I hope to be in attendance at this concert.
  2. Soprano Sarah Coburn is also making a visit to Oklahoma City where she shall present a recital program entitled Baroque, Bel Canto, and Beyond, which sounds as if it shall have something for everyone in it. A particular specialty of hers is the bel canto repertoire, so that shall be a rare treat to us here in Oklahoma. This recital is offered by Canterbury Choral Society, and the Oklahoma City Philharmonic accompanies Ms. Coburn. I have seen her before when she sang a recital courtesy of Civic Music Association, and even with only a piano providing the music of the afternoon, I was mesmerized by her diverse program; it should be noted that this was the year before she starred opposite Placido Domingo in Tan Dun's The First Emperor at the Metropolitan Opera. This takes place May 15, 2010.
  3. How could this list be complete without some mention of the Met's exciting upcoming season, and while last season may be said to surpass this one for Renee Fleming, I think Ms. Fleming's two operas billed this season are admirable followings for her previous three engagements, especially her turn as Rusalka. This season we have to our credit Renee Fleming in Der Rosenkavalier with Susan Graham as Oktavian and in Live in HD, and there is also the Met's premiere of Armida with Juan Diego Florez, Lawrence Brownlee, and Barry Banks along with three other tenors! This last opera is not on the broadcast roster, I do not believe, but it is in Live in HD.
  4. If I might continue with the Met's season, I also anticipate Diana Damrau and Juan Diego Florez in La Fille du Regiment. I must say that I was not jovial about all of their new productions, especially the retirement of Zeffirelli's Tosca, but some of them look rather nice in the limited stages in which I have seen them.

I am sure there is much more I could say about the next season, but I regret that the constraints of time do not allow me to do so at this time. Thank you for reading this humble, meager post of mine. I hope it has entertained and informed you more about our mutual liking of opera, and I pray that I do not bore you with my incessant ramblings. May God continue to bless all of you every day.


Monday, July 20, 2009

A Grand Return...

My last post was a couple of weeks since, but the interim has seemed something nearer to a month. The reason that I have not posted anything in so short a time is that my computer crashed about a week and a half ago, so I have been unable to post anything.

I do not have very much to say in this post, but I want to include the news that Fiddler on the Roof opened on Friday, the 17th, to a full house, and we have made it through one whole weekend. While we are performing, I have only just recently learned that we have an aspiring opera singer in our cast portraying the character of Hodel. Despite the fact that she is rather older than me, I managed to pluck up the audacity to inquire as to her favorite singers one evening before we began our performance, and these are who she mentioned: Natalie Dessay is her favorite singer, but she has recently lost some respect for her since she learned that Ms. Dessay indulges in the pleasures of tobacco; other performers she admires are Dawn Upshaw singing German Lieder (I thought it odd that she did not mention Ms. Upshaw's English repertoire for my part), Kathleen Battle, although she is a diva, and she provided this last attribute to the soprano, and someone with a "funny name," if I may borrow her description, whom she could not recall. I have a feeling that these are not her only favorites, for how could they be with the art of opera possessing so many talented performers? She did not include Renee Fleming in her list, and I said nothing of her, either, for I did not desire to seem rude by making my preferences known without them first being solicited.

Thank you for reading. I plan to soon include a list of things that readers might like to know about me, so look forward to it in the near future, and feel free to remind me of things you would like to see on it.


Monday, July 6, 2009

Something Worth Knowing

My readers may remember that Poteet Theatre went to compete in Washington at the National AACT Festival in Tacoma in June. As we expected they would, they came back with some awards which amounted to our production being given third place out all of the nation's community theatre companies that participated in their local community theatre competitions. In Tacoma there were twelve companies that were invited to compete, and any military base can enter a production.

Poteet's production of John and Jen was invited to an international competition in Heidelberg, Germany, and if we raise enough money, we are going to present it there in October! Of course, being an opera aficionado, I would have to visit some opera house in close proximity to the festival besides immersing myself in the local culture. From thence it is 2 hours and 44 minutes to Bayreuth, which is the home of Richard Wagner's famed opera house. The Stuutgart Oper is even closer at 1 hour and 17 minutes away. Unfortunately, I do not think that they have anything showing in October, and besides this small disappointment, I do not think that I could even dare to venture to Europe since my parents just watched the movie Taken.

Thank you for perusing this post.

Happy Independence Day

Today, even though I am posting this later than the traditional holiday, I would like to remind my readers about their freedoms and how precious they are. We are blessed to live in such a country where we have such liberties as we are afforded and where we may represent ourselves in our government. There are many of us who believe that our government is trying to take these common rights from us, and whether they are or not, we must still defend them, for they are ours to possess. Indeed, there has been no other civilization to offer its citizens such liberty as as ours has been founded upon, and we must carefully guard our government against those who would say that our government should have complete control over us; moreover, let us recall that it is we, the American populace, who provide them with whatever power over us we wish them to exercise. This power should not be employed to protect us from ourselves, but rather to protect us from further tyrannization from either outside sources or own ambitious people. I thank all of those who attempt to accomplish this end. I also extend my gratitude to all of those who fight for our country to protect us from whatever foreign power who wishes our demise. If it were not for these dedicated individuals, it is certain that our country would have been long since seized by invaders who would force unthinkable conditions upon us. I pray for God's blessing upon all of you. May you all return safely home soon, and for those who do not, we all mourn greatly for our loss.

Thank you all for reading.