Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Coming Season Brings Great Joy To My Ears (And Hopefully My Eyes)

I have been browsing the Internet of late examining whether or not the upcoming classical music season was to be a memorable one for me, and it turns out that there is plenty to adore, even if you live in Oklahoma, over next season. Some events to whet your curiosity are:

  1. Anonymous 4 is coming to Tulsa! They are presenting their program entitled A Medieval Ladymass on May 11, 2010, and it is needless to say that I am excited! I desperately wish to see the quartet perform live. If you have not acquainted yourself with their angelic melodies, then you simply must click here without a moment's delay. Their recital derives its material from their CD's entitled An English Ladymass and A Lammas Ladymass. They are scheduled to appear March 11, 2010, and I hope to be in attendance at this concert.
  2. Soprano Sarah Coburn is also making a visit to Oklahoma City where she shall present a recital program entitled Baroque, Bel Canto, and Beyond, which sounds as if it shall have something for everyone in it. A particular specialty of hers is the bel canto repertoire, so that shall be a rare treat to us here in Oklahoma. This recital is offered by Canterbury Choral Society, and the Oklahoma City Philharmonic accompanies Ms. Coburn. I have seen her before when she sang a recital courtesy of Civic Music Association, and even with only a piano providing the music of the afternoon, I was mesmerized by her diverse program; it should be noted that this was the year before she starred opposite Placido Domingo in Tan Dun's The First Emperor at the Metropolitan Opera. This takes place May 15, 2010.
  3. How could this list be complete without some mention of the Met's exciting upcoming season, and while last season may be said to surpass this one for Renee Fleming, I think Ms. Fleming's two operas billed this season are admirable followings for her previous three engagements, especially her turn as Rusalka. This season we have to our credit Renee Fleming in Der Rosenkavalier with Susan Graham as Oktavian and in Live in HD, and there is also the Met's premiere of Armida with Juan Diego Florez, Lawrence Brownlee, and Barry Banks along with three other tenors! This last opera is not on the broadcast roster, I do not believe, but it is in Live in HD.
  4. If I might continue with the Met's season, I also anticipate Diana Damrau and Juan Diego Florez in La Fille du Regiment. I must say that I was not jovial about all of their new productions, especially the retirement of Zeffirelli's Tosca, but some of them look rather nice in the limited stages in which I have seen them.

I am sure there is much more I could say about the next season, but I regret that the constraints of time do not allow me to do so at this time. Thank you for reading this humble, meager post of mine. I hope it has entertained and informed you more about our mutual liking of opera, and I pray that I do not bore you with my incessant ramblings. May God continue to bless all of you every day.



SarahB said...

Hi Tyler - FYI, Juan Diego isn't in Armida.

You are coming to NYC finally this season, aren't you? What will you see?

Tyler said...


Thank you for the correction. As for the second portion of your comment, which inquires as to my intentions about visiting your beloved metropolis during this season, I am not sure. I have a friend who goes about once or twice a year, and if he asks me to accompany him and my parents acquiesce, I shall most assuredly go; moreover, I am forever saving my excess capital to make a pilgrimage there. It bears mentioning that I do have a few friends and acquaintances, of whom you are included among their esteemed company if you have no objections, who live there, so my journey would have two purposes.

In regards to what I should see, that would depend on when I should be afforded the opportunity to arrive there. If it were completely up to me to plan the sojourn there, I should come when I could see the most Met performances of interest to me, and of course when my aforementioned acquaintances could visit with me. Of course, I might also like to see those Carnegie Hall recitals I mentioned in my recent comment on your post about your opera ticket procurement, but that would be subject to how much capital and time I possessed at the time.

Finally, thank you for your continuing interest in me. I much aprreciate it, especially since you and I have never personally or formally met.

SarahB said...

Tyler! JUST DO IT!

Carnegie Hall has student rush, so do many Broadway shows. The Met has rush tickets Monday through Thursday, i.e. you can see a lot of performances with little cash.

This is the plan: Mom and Dad, I am 20 years old. I have my own $. I'm going to New York City. I'll see be back in a week or two.

I expect to see you here soon.

Best, SarahB

p.s., Thank you for considering me a friend.