Monday, July 20, 2009

A Grand Return...

My last post was a couple of weeks since, but the interim has seemed something nearer to a month. The reason that I have not posted anything in so short a time is that my computer crashed about a week and a half ago, so I have been unable to post anything.

I do not have very much to say in this post, but I want to include the news that Fiddler on the Roof opened on Friday, the 17th, to a full house, and we have made it through one whole weekend. While we are performing, I have only just recently learned that we have an aspiring opera singer in our cast portraying the character of Hodel. Despite the fact that she is rather older than me, I managed to pluck up the audacity to inquire as to her favorite singers one evening before we began our performance, and these are who she mentioned: Natalie Dessay is her favorite singer, but she has recently lost some respect for her since she learned that Ms. Dessay indulges in the pleasures of tobacco; other performers she admires are Dawn Upshaw singing German Lieder (I thought it odd that she did not mention Ms. Upshaw's English repertoire for my part), Kathleen Battle, although she is a diva, and she provided this last attribute to the soprano, and someone with a "funny name," if I may borrow her description, whom she could not recall. I have a feeling that these are not her only favorites, for how could they be with the art of opera possessing so many talented performers? She did not include Renee Fleming in her list, and I said nothing of her, either, for I did not desire to seem rude by making my preferences known without them first being solicited.

Thank you for reading. I plan to soon include a list of things that readers might like to know about me, so look forward to it in the near future, and feel free to remind me of things you would like to see on it.


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