Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy Independence Day

Today, even though I am posting this later than the traditional holiday, I would like to remind my readers about their freedoms and how precious they are. We are blessed to live in such a country where we have such liberties as we are afforded and where we may represent ourselves in our government. There are many of us who believe that our government is trying to take these common rights from us, and whether they are or not, we must still defend them, for they are ours to possess. Indeed, there has been no other civilization to offer its citizens such liberty as as ours has been founded upon, and we must carefully guard our government against those who would say that our government should have complete control over us; moreover, let us recall that it is we, the American populace, who provide them with whatever power over us we wish them to exercise. This power should not be employed to protect us from ourselves, but rather to protect us from further tyrannization from either outside sources or own ambitious people. I thank all of those who attempt to accomplish this end. I also extend my gratitude to all of those who fight for our country to protect us from whatever foreign power who wishes our demise. If it were not for these dedicated individuals, it is certain that our country would have been long since seized by invaders who would force unthinkable conditions upon us. I pray for God's blessing upon all of you. May you all return safely home soon, and for those who do not, we all mourn greatly for our loss.

Thank you all for reading.

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