Monday, August 31, 2009

Do Not Ask Me Why, But I Auditioned For "Children of Eden"

Yes, as the title of my post blatantly displays, I auditioned for Steven Schwartz's musical Children of Eden. I only did it because... I wanted to be in another production this year. There, I said it. In other words, I did not think I could make it into Little Women singing a song that was perfect for my voice that I had only learned that day. It turns out that the other two people who sang the song Take A Chance On Me had to look at the words the whole time they were singing it, and this was not a demerit towards their abilities in the eyes of the directors and audition panelists.

As for Children of Eden, I understand from the director that it is extremely difficult musically. I have personally seen the fact illuminated in one song where the chorus splits into nine parts! If that is not treacherous, I do not know what is. I was invited for call-backs on September 12th, and I intend to be cast. There is a minor difficulty that could possibly arise in all of my best laid plans, and this is that one of our performances is a benefit for people who have no money at Christmas, which takes place on Thanksgiving Day; my mother has expressly forbidden us to perform on that day since we have our own feast with our family which takes ample preparation, but my director has promised to speak to her on the matter because he really wants me to be a part of this production. He says that he requires excellent vocalists for this production, and he claims that he naturally needs me to provide my voice to this endeavor. That is one of the most flattering compliments to my voice that I have ever received.

Better suited to my tastes, the church for which I am employed is desirous to expand its choir's membership. They consist of some forty singers at least, but, nevertheless, they wish to acquire more. Most of the members are women, and to be quite honest, I should be more than happy to add my humble talents to their ensemble since they perform Handel's Messiah, Bach's Magnificat, St. John's Passion, and St. Matthew's Passion, Verdi's Mesa da Requiem, and Mendelsohn's oratorio Elijah oftentimes in their original languages. However, be that as it may, I do not think my family should look favorably upon this endeavor, and it would be to my dishonor to ask my parents to ferry me to and from rehearsals and services every week. When I begin to drive, I may inquire as to that prospect with other members of the choir itself, but I shall not do so before then.

In the world of opera, or very nearly in that realm, I am renewing my subscription to Opera News, and I am so thankful that there is a publication such as this one to keep those of us who reside in remote areas in pertinance to opera abreast of developments in the art form we adore. I also cannot wait for the Met's Live in HD season to begin. I hope that I may be allowed to see the new production of Puccini's Tosca starring Karita Mattila and Marcelo Alvarez. I personally think that Marcelo Giordani, who takes over from Jonas Kaufmann later in this production's run, would have made a better pairing for Mattila, but one cannot have everything they want in a Met season. My friend who makes excursions to New York annually has said that he is thinking about going in the spring, and if he should, he might take me if I am allowed to go. I genuinely hope that his friend receives that role on Broadway for their mutual benefit and for my proposed one. I also greatly anticipate the arrival of the Met's broadcast season as well. I immensely hope that we are allowed to hear both Rossini's Armida and Berg's Lulu simply because of the casting of Renee Fleming and Anne Sofie von Otter, respectively. I know how much everyone, and I do mean everyone, awaits Der Rosenkavalier starring Renee Fleming and Susan Graham with all of the expectations accompanying it, so I shall say nothing except that I wish we could hear Ramon Vargas in the role of the Italian Singer. Apparently, if I ran the Met, I do not think that I would be open to substitute singers halfway through a run in quite a few cases. I generally like them except when I think about how we shall not hear a singer I particularly enjoy in a role or when I think that a certain cast would sound better to me.

In summation, thank you all for reading and may God thoroughly bless all of you with the desires of your hearts.


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