Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Random Conversation...

While I was working at the church where I am employed, it became necessary for me to speak to the music director concerning the arrangement of chairs in the sanctuary for the upcoming Christmas concert, and I, in an attempt to create conversation, asked him about his musical preferences, particularly whether or not he knew of the female quartet Anonymous4. He replied that he did, and, moreover, he enjoys their music immensely. It turns out that he also listens to the Metropolitan Opera broadcasts on the radio, and he was elated to learn that Anonymous4 is scheduled to perform in concert in Tulsa next year. We continued to speak, and I learned that he also has a predilection towards Renee Fleming, so I informed him that January 6, 2010, is the date for the Met's Live in HD broadcast of Strauss's Der Rosenkavalier with Renee Fleming, Susan Graham, and Miah Persson. I should very much like to hear Ramon Vargas in the role of the Italian Singer, but I am sure that Barry Banks shall perform excellently, but I digress.

The Music Director, who is the church's principal organist besides the music director, also related to me that he once accompanied soprano Leona Mitchell in a recital, to which I replied that I recalled an article in a recent issue of Opera News that divulged that she was desirous to perform at the Met again, and she would prefer to do so as Bellini's Norma. He also told me of a time not very long since that he saw Chanticleer perform live in San Francisco. They presented a concert here in Oklahoma City, and he said that they did not sound nearly as exceptional as he remembered them.

Such was the highlight of my day yesterday, and I was left wondering how many people with whom I am personally acquainted who have such stories to disclose? Ordinary life can often surprise one who does look for the most in it. I hope that I have sufficiently learned that moral.

Thank you for reading my posts, and may God continue to bless you in all things.

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