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Cecilia Bartoli Wins The Echo Klassik Award 2010

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Cecilia Bartoli has won the Echo Klassik award this year for her newest recording, which is entitled Sacrificium. Bartoli, who is an incredible interpretor of Baroque music, used this album to help tell the story of the castrati singers in Italy. I have yet to hear the selections from this disc, but it features several world premiere recordings of arias by some rather obscure composers of the Baroque period of opera. Joining her on this project is the reknowned period instrument ensemble Il Giardino Armonico under the capable direction of Giovanni Antonini, who also served as her accompaniment during her recording of The Vivaldi Album. Of course, Fillipa Giordano was also awarded the Echo Klassik in 2001, and she had the worst crossover album that I have ever heard. If I were wanting a pop interpretation of Casta diva and O mio babbino caro, I might appreciate her renditions of them, but I am not quite in the mood for such a thing, and, to be quite honest, nor do I think I ever shall be after hearing Renee Fleming's interpretations of the works.
In other news concerning opera, soprano Patricia Petibon is the featured singer in August's issue of Opera News magazine, and it is interesting to note that she is carving a new nche for herself outside of the Baroque realm where she is known so well. Her current project is Berg's Lulu, which is rather a brave and bold departure for a Baroque specialist. I am anxious to hear reviews and ba broadcast of this, for I am ever interested in new artistic directions taken by singers so that I can either marvel at it or learn something from it.

This is all that I have to say for the present, so I thank you for your continued reading of my posts, and I pray for God to continue to bless you in all things. Oh, if anyone knows how to upload a background image for their blog page, I should like to learn the correct way to do this. I have followed the directions outlined by Google on their site, but this has been to no avail. I also do not appreciate the obscene amounts of spam that I have received over the past few weeks, and I have implemented every defense against this, so I would be elated to receive some actual comments from readers to take my mind from the subject.

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