Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Progressions to Something of Enjoyment and, Hopefully, Distances Shortened Toward a Common Goal

As I promised in my previous post, I shall explain exactly what I meant by not being excited about the broadcast of Rossini's Armida next year. When I said that, I am sure a few readers were shocked due to my shameless adoration for Renee Fleming's voice, for how could such a devoted audience member deprive himself of elation and ecstasy for one of her broadcasts? First, I must say that I am not completely mad, for I shall probably hear it, but I shall also see this production on its opening night in person at the Metropolitan Opera, where I will be sitting in the Dress Circle to witness such a spectacle, on the eighteenth day of February. A dear friend of mine and I are spending the days between February sixteenth and the twenty-first in New York City, and our airplane tickets have been in hand since the middle of October, and our Met tickets were bought this past Friday! I am exceptionally overjoyed at what I shall experience, and I am quite sure that I shall never be the same afterwards. Sarah, I may never want to resign to living in Oklahoma after I visit your locale! We, which is to say my friend and I, are staying with friends while we are there, whose company I anticipate with great enthusiasm, but I hope to meet many new people during our visit.

  On December 11th, which was a very cold and blustery day in Oklahoma, and which happened to be the day of Poteet Theatre's final performance of Guys and Dolls, I awoke very early, and I took the ACT for the first time in my academic career. While I am yet waiting to see my results, I expect that my score will reside in the low twenties median, for there were certain portions of the test in mathematics that proved difficult for me, and I did not employ a calculator during my examination, so I hope that my score is not lower than a twenty-two. Moreover, I elected to receive the writing test as well in some effort to endeavor to improve my overall score, and I hope to receive a three on it. Despite what may be considered a poor effort on my part, I was pleased with my maiden attempt on the examination, and I was relieved to find that it was not so strenuous or rigorous as I had been made to expect. With any providence from God, I shall be attending Oklahoma City University in the autumn of next year.

  At the risk of inundating my readers with too much information concerning me and my trivial successes in life recently, I shall, nevertheless, include a summary of what I have been learning in my voice lessons. Before I began to receive lessons, I was worried that my voice was not of a caliber great enough to be considered classical and, therefore, fit to pursue that profession academically, but my teacher insists that my voice is excellent, and my raw talent is quite good. She praises my diction and my natural ability to almost repeat music in the way it should be sung, and she says that my breath and support techniques provide me with a firm foundation for the remainder of my training. In conclusion, she tells me that I should not have any difficulty in being accepted to my university of choice with the potential my voice has, and, what is most rewarding to me to hear, I am, in fact, an operatic tenor. I cannot describe how marvelous it is to finally know that one fact. I have hoped for that to be true, but there have been so many times that I have questioned my supposition's veracity; however, now I have heard it from someone else who is a professional in this field and a respected singer by many other performers. My voice is large, and I can reach an A above the staff quite easily on most days, and there are times that she will give me the excercise of climbing to a Bb to work on acquiring that range without effort as my voice continues to develop to its ripened state. I am pleased to inform you and myself that we have excellent rapport, and she is most encouraging to me. I hope that our collaboration is a lengthy one, and I am immensely grateful to her for her courtesy and grace to me.

  That is all that I shall report for the present, and I am ingratiated that all of you continue to peruse my posts. I promise to devote a post to Christmas before the holiday arrives, and I pray that God continues to keep all of you within His grace.

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