Thursday, September 15, 2011

News of the Welcome and Ecstatic Variety

I am well aware that I have grossly neglected my blog posts over the course of much of this year, and for this I must make every apology to my dear readers who have patiently waited to hear of the next chapter of my sojourn earlier in the year in New York City or who expected me to enlighten them concerning happenings in opera or musical theatre or to those who merely wished to hear of the circumstances that comprise my life. Therefore, I promise that I am making a return to this medium of communication to endeavor to revisit the community that I have formerly known from my love of the arts and literary composition.

Though I maintain that I shall post more often shortly, it is something of a necessity to make my readers aware of the development that I am finally an university student. My alma mater is Oklahoma City University, and I am an undeclared major until I audition for the music department here. With this transition in life, I am no longer adjoined to the world of the arts in any professional sense, which makes me rather sad for more than a few reasons, and I have bidden farewell to many close friends in that process, but I am returning to those things in life that once brought me personal enjoyment beyond anything else, one of which has been to write and give voice to thoughts or sentiments that other people wish to read.

As I adjust to this schedule, I leave you by intimating that I hope that you enjoy what you read, and I am grateful that anyone should extend me the courtesy to read what I should like to say. may God continue to bless all of you as He has consistently done for me.


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