Friday, July 12, 2013

An Exile Disconintued for the Present

     If there are any of you who are longtime readers of my blog still among the audience of it, you shall well know that I removed myself from this platform some time ago. My reasons for doing as much are well documented in other places, and they mostly stemmed from Google's blatant disregard for the privacy of its users, its collaborations with the United States Government, and its deceit in so doing on both accounts. Because of this, I transferred my blogging habits to WordPress for a while, but the lack of customization for free users of the service was annoying, and my readers shall recollect with what diligence I labored to create the look my blog possesses today. Furthermore, due to constraints upon my time derived from that transitional period to university and the time that I have spent there in the interim between my final post and the present, I could not find much time for authoring blog posts, and my following of the happenings in the sphere of opera have, I regret to say, suffered.

     However, these travesties cease today to a certain extent. As if this very moment, I am making a return to blogging with every intention of launching a rebirth of this blog. My aims in so doing shall depart from what they were when I began this custom in hopes that some should read what I might find worthy of saying and enjoy it and find it useful and enlightening, but my desire to again write could not be stronger than it is now. For those of you from other social media platforms who know me better there and of what I commonly speak there, before you disregard any future posts from me lest you fear that I may bring subjects outside those of music and opera to this symposium of sorts, I assure you that your fears are misplaced. I shall never speak of anything other than opera, musical theatre, or music here. This purpose is twofold. Primarily, I have made this a policy to provide Google and the government with less personal data upon me to track with this revealing thing called a blog, but its other merit is that such a guarantee from me promotes possessing a greater quantity of readers who might cease to visit my blog for the fickle reason of not agreeing with the content of some of my posts.

     As I alluded in the previous paragraph, I shall further make a promise that this blog shall have as little mention of my personal life as is possible. I may elect to include concert reviews and the like of performances I attend, but I shall not speak of my family, personal friends, or circumstances in my life through this medium. I value my privacy from the government and a large data company too much for this.

     Over the course of the next few weeks, I have every hope of updating my blog's look, and I may look at attempting to gain some revenue from dedicated, relevant advertisements in the margins or with sponsored posts written by my own hand and with my honest views upon the subject or product. These, however, shall be carefully considered, and they must align with the scope of the subject matter to which I have confined my blog here. I have amassed a considerable following on Twitter worldwide, and I know that my views are often found useful there, so this gives me a place in which to express them to a fuller extent and in greater detail than many other media provide. Of course, this I shall endeavor to do whether I have any sponsorship or not, for the informing of my readers is my greatest priority. Moreover, my blog has not suffered for a want of readers as a result of my absence here. I have left 128 posts here for the welcome reading of anyone who should wish to do so, and the traffic that these have received has not been insignificant. I surpassed 10,000 pageviews some time ago, and, I am at nearly fifteen thousand of these at present without even maintaining this blog. That is a testament to all of you as readers continuing to enjoy what I began and continue only as a pastime. I am honored, indeed, by your continued curiosity in my opinions and findings upon the subject of opera.

     I should be remiss if I did not mention something of interaction through blogging here. As I have previously said and have constantly held this view throughout my entire stint as an amateur blogger, I welcome comments, constructive criticisms, open dialogues, and inquiries of all kinds from my audience. I shall do my humble best to respond to each of these left here in he most cordial, courteous, and chivalrous of manners as all of you completely deserve, and I shall relish the connections I make and, hopefully, rekindle here. I have every anticipation of discovering new operatic and musical pleasures here with all of you. If any of you have suggestions for post ideas, or if you should think of a good design implement for my blog, please do not hesitate to mention it in a comment, or you may Tweet to me at your pleasure and discretion. If anyone has advertisement suggestions or inquiries, do send me an inquiry to my e-mail address,, and we can begin discussion of such an arrangement.

     Finally, as ever, I leave all of you in the divine grace of God, and I pray that He blesses every single one of you to the fullest extent. My humble ingratiation is duly yours for your continued reading, and I hope that you enjoy what I present to you over the next few days and weeks.

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