This Month at Carnegie Hall: January 2018

     As I recently mentioned on social media, with the resurgence in popularity that blogging seems to currently enjoy since the last time I elected to leave this corner of the Internet for more promising locales in my pursuit of the opera, classical music, and Broadway, I have decided it is time to pursue an endeavor in blogging again, and it fittingly comes with the beginning of a new year. Furthermore, it is now more commodious than it was in the past for me to keep abreast of developments in the arts with the increasing use of social media to announce performances, concerts, recitals, and even the everyday adventures of those whom such events involve. Because these things are now so readily accessible to me, if it is not too great a strain to my performing and teaching commitments, it is my hope to make such things easily accessible to either those who might not otherwise know where to look to find such developments or those who seek to visit a more streamlined place in which to discover them.

     Though I shall admit that I have quite become a citizen of the modern age and embraced much of what the Internet offers under the guises of convenience and community, there yet remain many things from an older time that I still very much enjoy. One of these things is physical mail. E-mail, even after almost a decade of serving me, has yet to overshadow the proficiency or elegance of its analog equivalent, and I remain very much pleased by this. Of course, I do not receive nearly as much handwritten correspondence these days as I should like, and much of the rest of it involves "junk mail," but there are a few glimmers of joy left within it, nevertheless.

     Among the usual rubbish fodder every month, there also comes to me a brochure from Carnegie Hall. For every month of the year, I receive an index of all of the performances held in the concert venue in New York, and, mind you, astute reader, I have never even entered the building, let alone witnessed a performance there. However, much to my monthly delight, the place continues to send me guides to its schedule for each month of the year. When I receive it, I read its pages from cover to cover and make mental note of which performances advertised would be most to my musical interests and tastes. Since I do this on a somewhat regular schedule, I thought this sort of information might prove both useful for visitors and residents in New York and supplemental to those who might be curious regarding my musical tastes. Of course, it also seemed like a decent form of content that I could periodically add to this blog in the event that anyone might be interested.

     January 16 -- 8:00 Guildhall Artists in New York

     January 17 -- 8:00 Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra; Daniele Gatti
                                       Wagner: Prelude to Act III and Good Friday Spell from
                                       Bruckner: Symphony No. 9

     January 18 -- 8:00 Royal Concertebouw Orchestra; Daniele Gatti
                                       Janine Jansen, Violin
                                       Bruch: Violin Concerto No. 1
                                       Mahler: Symphony No. 1
    January 19 -- 8:00 Denis Matsuev, Piano
                                       Beethoven: Piano Sonata No. 31 in A-flat Major, Op. 110
                                       Piano Sonata No. 17 in D Minor, Op. 31, No. 2,
                                       "The Tempest"
                                       Tchaikovsky: Piano Sonata in G Major, Op. 37

     January 19 -- 7:30 Robert Mealy and Friends
                                       Robert Mealy, Violin
                                       Avi Stein, Harpsichord
                                       Charles Weaver, Theorbo
                                       Beiliang Zhu, Cello
                                       The Early Moderns: The Invention of the Sonata

    January 20 -- 8:00 Jonas Kaufmann, Tenor; Helmut Deutsch, Piano
                                       Schubert: Die Schöne Müllerin

     January 21 -- 2:00 Janine Jansen, Violin; Jean-Yves Thibaudet, Piano;
                                      Dover Quartet
                                      Debussy: Violin Sonata
                                      Grieg: Violin Sonata No. 2
                                      Chausson: Concert for Violin, Piano, and String

     January 23 -- 8:00 The Cleveland Orchestra; Franz Welser-Möst
                                        Johannes Maria Staud: Stromab
                                        Mahler: Symphony No. 9

     January 24-26        Marilyn Horne Masterclass; Graham Johnson
                                        Masterclass; Renée Fleming Masterclass

     January 24 -- 8:00 The Cleveland Orchestra; Franz Welser-Möst
                                       Golda Schultz, Soprano
                                       Maximilian Schmitt, Tenor
                                       Thomas Hampson, Baritone
                                       The Cleveland Orchestra Chorus; Lisa Wong
                                       Haydn: The Seasons

     January 28 -- 3:00 Marilyn Horne Song Celebration
                                        Nicole Cabell, Soprano
                                        Susanna Phillips, Soprano
                                        Beste Kalender, Mezzo-Soprano
                                        Isabel Leonard, Mezzo-Soprano
                                        Leonardo Capalbo, Tenor
                                        Russell Thomas, Tenor
                                        Lester Lynch, Baritone
                                        Edward Parks, Baritone
                                        Warren Jones, Piano
                                        Martin Katz, Piano

     January 28 -- 7:30 Yale in New York: Reflections from the Second Viennese

     January 30 -- 8:00 Stephen Hough, Piano
                                       Debussy: "Claire de lune" from Suite bergamasque:
                                       Images, Book II
                                       Schumann: Fantasy in C Major, Op. 17
                                       Debussy: "La terrasse des audiences du clair de lune"
                                       from Preludes: Book II; Images, Book I
                                       Beethoven: Piano Sonata No. 23 in F Minor, Op. 57,

     I hope some of these performances cause excitement for the possibility of music performed with new vigor and wonder amongst all of you, dear readers, and I do hope this return to posting to this blog brings joy to any who return here or who read my posts for the first time. Since the year is only recently begun, allow me to leave you by saying that I hope 2018 is filled with excursions in musical excellence for all of us. If you visit one of the above performances, do leave a comment below sharing the experience with the rest of us!